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We know you are tired of feeling sluggish and lost about your fitness program. Let the workout that changed the world change you. We offer a comprehensive program that will maximize your time and effort to transform your mind and body. Imagine feeling better with Tae Kwon Do kicks and boxing punches with fun, funky dance moves to get you excited, motivated and rejuvenated. Get ready to change your life like never before!

Tae Bo Basic Certification Camp

Join Elite Instructor, Nathalie ”Frenchy” for a Basic Certification Camp or a Certification Challenge at The BEAT on 05/17/2015 from 9am-8pm.
The Certification Camp is for fitness enthusiasts interested in becoming a certified Tae Bo® Basic Instructor. The Certification Challenge is for participants that want the Certification Experience without any further commitment. Link: Tae Bo Basic Certification Camp

Meet Owner Nathalie

Meet the owner, Nathalie “Frenchy” here