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Class times and instructors are subject to change.

Beat Cardio

This is our Signature Class!! We know you are tired of feeling sluggish and lost about your fitness program. Let our high energy intense workout change you! We offer a comprehensive program that will maximize your time and effort to transform your mind and body. Imagine feeling better with Tae Kwon Do kicks and boxing punches with fun, funky dance moves to get you excited, motivated and rejuvenated. Get ready to change your life like never before!

Beat Cardio Kickboxing

Are you ready for an insane cardio workout that helps shed pounds and increase body tone through a rejuvenated style of cardio kick boxing? If your answer was YES, then Beat Cardio Kickboxing is just the right workout for you!! Beat Cardio Kickboxing is a fun, interactive workout with music that involves boxing bags, gloves, mitts, kicking, punching, and sweating your way down to the best version of you! All levels are welcome.

Kickboxing Bootcamp

Junko’s Signature Workout: This high-intensity bag and focus pad workout includes fighting combinations. Boxing gloves and wraps are needed for class. All levels are welcome.

Boxing Bootcamp

This high-intensity bag and focus pad workout that involves boxing gloves and wraps. All levels are welcome. No music

Booty Camp

Nathalie’s Signature Workout: If you want an overall awesome body workout that focuses a lot on booty, legs and thighs then this class is for you! Buyer beware… Side effects may include feelings of sexiness, elevated mood and burst of energy!

Beat Pump

If you are ready to LIFT your spirits and confidence while lifting weights, this class is just the right fit for you. It will strengthen, tone, and give you the physique that you’ve been waiting for. BEAT PUMP class is the MASTER of LEAN MUSCLE BUILDING and BODY SCULPTING. The fast pace of this workout also gives you an incredible cardio workout. You could never be too sexy!!!

Nathalie Personal Training

Group weight training session by appointment only.

Refer to:

www.FrenchysFitness.com & Pricing

Bubba’s Signature Class

Friday mornings at 9:30am and Monday nights with Bubba in his signature style class.

Box Bash

Mike Bash’s signature class

Check the Schedule

Class times and instructors are subject to change.

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