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Nathalie Bordeaux

Nathalie Bordeaux began her career in France as a fitness instructor. Over the years she taught a variety of master aerobic classes, and workshops in fitness conventions, gyms and training centers throughout Europe (France, Italy, Germany and Spain). She is been teaching a variety of fitness classes in California since 2004. Nathalie is the owner of The BEAT Fitness. Her motto is Hard Work Pays off. What sets her apart is her ability to apply a unique style, creativity, energy, intensity, and enthusiasm to everything she does.

Find out how more on how to receive personal training with Nathalie: here


Junko Adler

Over 10 years of professional experience in the fitness industry as a cardio kickboxing instructor, Junko keeps her skills and techniques up to date. She is an excellent motivator and loves sharing her fitness experiences and inspiration with people to help them achieve their fitness goals and improve their lifestyle.


Shara Mathes

Shara is a beautiful and sweet soul who spends her life helping others. Trained by Nathalie, aka “Frenchy”, her class is a fast-paced total body workout designed to bring you the very best of Beat Cardio fundamentals.


Bubb Atkins “Bubba”

Bubba teaches Monday nights and Friday mornings in his own signature style.

Bubba’s Class Packages:

Bubba single class – $17

Bubba 10 classes – $160

Bubba 20 classes – $300


Mike Bash

Mike Bash teaches Box Bash, his own signature class.

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